Hell is empty and all of the devils are here.  –Shakespeare


Too many have been annoyed, threatened, and abused by this man.  It is time to shed light on his past in hopes of securing and protecting our, and our state’s future.

John R. Eakin ran rampant in Findlay, left a wake of destruction in Akron, and now is trying to come back in Columbus on the coattails of an excellent politician, using her zeal and high profile to hide his despicable past.

John harassed men and women alike. Threatened life and livelihood for those who did not agree or submit to his demands.   Many of his victims are still in counseling on the road to recovery. The few who were brave enough to seek legal protection suffered even more. He is a debtor, ruins property, and lives a life of constant scheming and vile intentions.

This is the line in the sand.  We’ve had enough.  

Oh, and he isn’t really good at politics, either. 

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